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In this episode, Joel and Antonia conclude a 2-part series from a live talk about the Enneagram instincts and passions. This talk was given by Dr. Beatrice Chestnut live on the main stage at the Profiler Training event in Los Angeles.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Dr. Beatrice Chestnut gives an understanding of the basic building blocks of the Enneagram and how we can put it into work in our lives.
  • The Passions (or Vices) as the core motivation of each Enneagram type.
  • The Passions’ correlation to the 7 Deadly Sins.
  • Why observing the Passions within can drive psycho-spiritual work.
  • When ego turns into dark matter.
  • The unconscious manifestations of the Passions for each type:
    • The hints of anger affecting Enneagram type 1.
    • The dark needs of pride in Enneagram type 2 personalities.
    • The self-deceitful roles Enneagram type 3 unconsciously become.
    • The envious devaluation for Enneagram type 4.
    • Enneagram type 5’s constricting avaricious tendencies.
    • Why fear trips up Enneagram type 6.
    • How gluttony shows up for Enneagram type 7.
    • The excessive or lustful motivations of Enneagram type 8.
    • The psycho-spiritual slothfulness of Enneagram type 9.
  • Learning to observe your Passion to make it conscious in your life.
  • How knowing your Enneagram subtype enlightens your Passion understanding.
  • How to identify your subtype in the Enneagram and why this nuanced version helps you more.
  • The hidden understanding of Claudio Naranjo’s work on Enneagram countertype.
  • How can type-specific Virtue vs. Vice growth work benefit you?

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  • Kirstin Voelkel
    • Kirstin Voelkel
    • December 6, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    I recently discovered my enneagram type is most likely sexual 1 that moves to stress 4 and a growth 7. In high school around 2007 my best girl friends all dressed up as the seven deadly sins, and I chose wrath! Ironically or not the passion for E1 is anger. I’ve typed my partner as a E9. He has stated before that I’m often “not impressed with society” and often thinks I’m angry at him. He is caught up in friend and work drama daily as he emotionally negotiates between members of the group, and doesn’t have energy left for his own life, or my dramatic notions. I often sound a lot like a 4, but I have always had an underlying motivation and obsession about being “good”, especially when it comes to the planet and saving the earth. I think not knowing what my mission is or how to help and apply myself to society, contributes to my sort of depression 4 position. I’m like a Bob Dylan(4), trying to be an Elton John(7), who should be a Greta Thunberg(1). I effectively put my energy into physical exercise, to help quell my festering energy, into circus aerial silks or hiking or crossfit. I definitely fantasize about my destiny- a mission to help the greater good, superhero style. I make crystal wands and staves to try and through each try to teach finding personal power and self sovereignty. My degree is in Landscape Architecture(God complex much) although I’ve not been able to break into the professional world. I’m passionate about pollinators and gardening with native plants. I’m kinda obsessed with being the trash queen- going on pickup walks or hauling recycling for others with my truck. I’m trying to break out of the capitalism machine but don’t know how- financially I have little interest in making money and value my freedom.

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