Podcast – Episode 0196 – Getting Needs Met At Every Maslow Level

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with their friend Dan (a former guest on episode 38) about his current personal development work and getting needs met at every Maslow level.


In this podcast you’ll find:


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  • Amy Francis

    First off, Dan’s story is so inspiring! There was so much good stuff in this episode for me – especially re. exploration, how to plan those big dreams, and finding community. I can relate Dan’s travels to my decision to start freelancing – it was a big jump that I hoped would help me make some important self-discoveries, and it does involve a lot of preparation for those what-if scenarios.
    Lately I have felt the need for more belonging (not just having close one-on-one friendships but a group of people like the IA community who share a core mission for personal growth), and a need for self-confidence. It’s not automatic for me to follow up with a plan after identifying those needs, but it makes a lot of sense.
    I’ll be processing this conversation in the week ahead and probably longer. 🙂

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