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In previous episodes, we talked about Intuitives being “bilingual” and speaking Sensor language. In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about whether or not Sensors can also be “bilingual” with Intuitive language.


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  • Catherine Eimer

    This is pretty interesting to me. I’m an ISFJ, raised among Sensors (and Extraverts, but that’s a topic for another day), but my daughter (now grown and married) is an INTP. When she hit 10 or so, I started loving to talk to her as a person, because she saw patterns that I just didn’t. I did have a threshold, but it was hours and hours long, because her pattern-recognition was so strong.

    On the other hand, when my husband, an ISTP, uses his 10 year old (same process as my daughter’s driver Ni), I feel my threshold approaching way faster. I’m talking minutes rather than hours. Perhaps the difference is the sophistication in their iNtuitive processes?

    • Ann Marie Knotek

      To Catherine: I found your comment interesting because I am an INTP — and I seem to connect more with ISFJs than with most other sensors. They seem to have more interest and/or threshold for my way of speaking/thinking — and I don’t walk away drained or dissatisfied from interactions with them (as can be the case with other sensors). I actually “like” being around ISFJs 🙂 — which always surprises me, as I’m now so aware how much I, as an intuitive, have had to adapt to a sensing world.

      By the way, my husband, also, is an ISTP. I think I have heard that ISTPs tend to be the most intuitive of the sensors — I can believe that, since my husband seems to have a very high threshold for my intuitive thinking/speaking (although perhaps there are other significant contributing factors). I’m wondering how your ISTP husband and your INTP daughter relate to each other….

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