Podcast – Episode 0282 – Why The World Needs Extraverted Thinking

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia become advocates for the cognitive function of Extraverted Thinking (“Effectiveness”) and talk about why we need it in our world.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Extraverted Thinking “Effectiveness”
  • Driver for ENTJs and ESTJs
  • Copilot for INTJs and ISTJs
  • The welfare system is an excellent example of a system built by Extraverted Thinking.
  • When Effectiveness is done well, you don’t recognize it until it quits working.
  • We lean into these systems, and they facilitate our experience.
  • Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom is a two-story structure. 
  • The first level is utilidors – an underground tunnel system where all the staff can access the park with ease. 
  • The systems Extraverted Thinking creates can help people survive (welfare system), and it can be used to create a magical experience for people (Disney)
  • You don’t have to worry about anything in Disney
  • Designing Disney’s Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance
  • When done well, Effectiveness reassures you that you are safe in the system.
  • When you get on a plane, you feel reassured you are going to land safely.
  • Engineering is applied thinking in the external world and is usually the foray of TJs.
  • If you want to see how efficient and reliable Extraverted Thinking is, go to a country where it isn’t the rule. Everything is incredibly inconvenient, and you have to fight for everything.
  • “Any sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
  • It is an easy sell to discuss why the world needs Extraverted Thinking on a systemic level.
  • On the individual level, it’s a little harder to sell.
  • People’s biggest complaint about Effectiveness is that it plows over the individual and appears manipulative.
  • “The only right anyone has in a relationship is the right to leave. Otherwise, everything is negotiable.” –INTJ
  • Effectiveness plays in the realm of power more than any other function
  • To Extraverted Thinking, info is actionable and useable.
  • Info is power to TJs.
  • Power has a negative connotation in our world now. 
  • People usually demonize power when they don’t understand it or can’t get it.
  • Power is organizing energy for an outcome.
  • We need people who understand the game of power. 
  • Power is a thankless job, which is why it tends to come with a lot of perks.
  • People are always upset with anyone in power. 
  • Effectiveness is reassuring to people. It builds the things we take for granted.
  • Developing an appreciation for Extraverted Thinking requires a simultaneous appreciation of leadership and power.
  • Acceptable spillage vs cost
  • Harmony asks, What is acceptable discord?
  • Effectiveness asks, What is an acceptable loss?
  • There are a disproportionately high number of TJs in positions of gov’t and C-level execs.
  • This world needs Extraverted Thinking. 
  • If you’re getting the message that the world doesn’t like power and leadership, don’t listen to it. 
  • Can we do power and leadership better?
  • Who we are is valuable but also what we are: What have we built in our lives? What work have we done?
  • Profiler Training card deck
  • Effectiveness = amelioration: to be continually improving. Always getting better. Removing inefficiencies.

In this episode Joel and Antonia become advocates for the cognitive function of Extraverted Thinking ("Effectiveness") and talk about why we need it in our world. #INTJ #ENTJ #ESTJ #ISTJ

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Showing 6 comments
  • Kris

    As an INTP engineer, I have a close working relationship with (I believe) an INTJ. When we work together, we can make anything happen. But I absolutely need his Te to keep me focused on the actual goal rather than whether my design in perfect
    The only time I really have trouble valuing Te is when it’s directed towards me as expectations. I can affirm that at least this IxTP can relate to everything Antonia said about commitments. (If you’re familiar with the Clifton Strengths, my dependability and responsibility are pretty much at the bottom.) What I really need to do is identify all the Te users in my circle and only agree to a request if I can team up with one of them. They just have an amazing ability to make things work.

  • Tyger

    How do I know if I have power? How do I know if I truly hate money because of where it comes from or what it destroys. When those two things were mentioned it threw me off my path of trying to find how powerful I really am for myself and those things in my life. By the way the Disney mentioning was amazing. I had no idea. That’s so interesting how they run that place.

    • Alex Soontiens-olsen

      I’m a fairly young INTJ woman (22), and I just graduated with a degree in environmental sustainability and social anthropology. 😂 couldn’t have a better fit for an intj. But I’m having trouble now figuring out how to start a career where I can actually use Extraverted Thinking. I desperately want to build structures and systems, particularly in terms of dealing with climate change, it needs this function badly, but it just doesnt seem like those jobs exist or have no way of entering them. And I can’t take the next 20 years to build a career and work my way up to a position with the authority to create systems, because we physically do not have that much time left to become sustainable. Any advice for this panicked and extremely despondent intj?

  • Steve

    Question: Would ISTJs developing their copilot Te have an easier job of developing it compared to INTJs since the world is dominated and more favorable to sensors?
    I think there is a typo under.
    “In this podcast you’ll find:”
    I think it should say “Copilot for INTJs and ISTJs” not ” and “ESTJs”

  • Kris

    As an INTP, I feel like Fe is Lucy from Peanuts holding the football and I am Charlie Brown. It’s my dream to just once kick a beautiful field goal. I’ve analyzed and visualized how it happens, I know what to do. But then, when I’ve finally committed myself to act, I run up to the ball and make a fool of myself! THANKS EXTRAVERTED FEELING! (But I’ll never stop dreaming and trying. 😊)

    Seriously though, learning to think of Ti and Fe as polarities I think will be a game-changer. I’ll never be as good at Fe as I would like, but when it shows up in or through my Ti, I’ll be able to augment and create the relationships and influence I aspire to.

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