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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the idealism we develop around our perceiving cognitive functions.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • In the last podcast, we discussed idealism with the four judging functions
  • Car Model
  • ENTP/ENFP share the same dominant perceiving function – Extraverted Intuition ‘Exploration’ Ne
  • Exploration = endless freedom
  • Always chasing a new shiny object
  • Hard to commit to anything
  • EPs want to keep their options open at all times
  • Purity without having to do any work to gain true mastery
  • ENFPs are better at pretending they are following the rules
  • ENTPs struggle with this because of their Ti – Introverted Thinking
  • ENFPs are good at pretending intimacy with people
  • They don’t like saying yes to things they may feel trapped by later
  • Ne wants to create impact in the world.
  • It wants to see if there is a better way.
  • You can’t create a new norm unless you disrupt what is already there and establish something else.
  • The polar opposite of Extraverted Intuition is Introverted Sensing ‘Memory’ – Si
  • Memory = reviewing memories to get impressions
  • The Ideal for Si is purity for all memories.
  • Many ISJs spend massive amounts of time on detailed creative hobbies that allow them to shut out the world and its many disruptions.
  • ENPs with an inferior Si can choose not to think about the things they don’t want to deal with. Like past trauma.
  • When memories start to come up for SJs they don’t have the choice just to push it away as NPs do.
  • Reviewing sensory experiences is a compulsion for SJs. To not do so causes depression.
  • So they hide or stick to reliable routines.
  • Tried and True vs. Hiding from the world
  • Ne compulsion is perpetually bouncing from one thing to the other
  • Ne requires a foundation to build upon
  • Si requires surrender to change
  • SJs do pattern recognition work, but it is slow because they have to repattern a whole memory
  • Extraverted Sensing ‘Sensation’ Se
  • The idealism for Se is an oversimplified version of everything
  • “There’s an obvious and simple solution for everything; why aren’t we doing it?”
  • Sometimes the obvious solution is the right one. Sometimes it isn’t.
  • Se sees no need to study systems or think of complexities.
  • The world is full of immediate, actionable solutions that everyone else is too obtuse to see.
  • Purity without the work
  • Everybody else is the idiot
  • This is why they are so good at reacting in real time
  • Ne never has to commit
  • Si never has to do anything out of its comfort zone
  • Se never has to figure out the complexity of things behind the curtain
  • “When you have a hammer all the world is a nail.”
  • There is a percentage of problems that people do overcomplicate – but not all of them.
  • ESPs are always in trouble because they try to simplify problems that require more complex answers.
  • Se is the polar opposite of Introverted Intuition ‘Perspectives’ Ni
  • Ni gets into other people’s perspectives
  • Se worries about what people think of them
  • As long as Se can get people on its side, it doesn’t have to think about managing their goodwill
  • Se needs to surrender to the idea that there is no such thing as a pure function.
  • They have to do the Work.
  • Se needs to remember that some problems are more complicated than they think.
  • As Se gets more seasoned and mature over time, it starts to recognize the law of diminishing returns on simple solutions.
  • Introverted Intuition ‘Perspectives’ Ni
  • The ability to shift perspectives and get into other people’s headspace
  • They also watch their own mind form patterns
  • Ni gets gummed up by sustainability
  • Ni can go so long term that they prevent new experiences from happening if it doesn’t look sustainable
  • Ni fantasy is the idea that reality can be lived internally before it happens.
  • You can have all the answers just by running a simulation
  • That sounds like a lot of work to other people, but it is the native language of INJs.
  • The work is being present and implementing real time.
  • Sjs hide away. NJs conceptualize.
  • INTJ who couldn’t stop talking because he was externalizing his inner dialogue at all times – and none of it made sense to anyone but him.
  • Stream of consciousness talk
  • If he could figure it all out, he could accomplish his dream to be a contributor – showing up in life and engaging.
  • Balance it out and engage with the hear and now.
  • Get away from purist thought and get into the work.
  • Don’t just run a simulation but look for the evidence in front of you, not just the patterns in your mind.
  • What is the sensory evidence? How do people see you?
  • INJs are all steak and no sizzle, but nobody comes to them for the steak because there’s no sizzle.
  • There’s no ability to interface with the world to bring complex solution to complex problems.
  • There’s no bridge.
  • They are just chasing rabbit trails internally.
  • They think the rabbit trails will equate to impact.
  • All four perceiving functions have this desire for excellent ROI without having to put in the work.
  • Work you need to do:
  • Integrate the other side of the polarity and recognize its influence
  • Attach your perceiving function to the other functions in your stack – especially functions of the opposite attitude (E/I)
  • Recognize you have to do the work. You can’t just exist and be amazing.
  • The antidote is the integration of the other side of your polarity.
  • Integration = understanding the importance of something and not pushing it away anymore
  • If an introverted function has you by the balls, integrate an extraverted function – either the polar opposite or the copilot.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the idealism we develop around our perceiving cognitive functions. #MBTI #myersbriggs

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  • Lainey Bell
    • Lainey Bell
    • February 25, 2019 at 5:04 am

    My name is Lainey and I am a 21 YO INTJ Women. Right now I am a soldier, and actually have about two months of service left at the army.
    In this comment I would like to tell my story as I think it is rather unique and maybe some would find it interesting and even insightfull.
    I was listening to the podcast (this and the previous one) and I found it fascinating how I got to tackle this problem of idealizing my driver function (perspectives – Ni) and co-pilot function (effectiveness – Te).
    I think that most people, me including would resist to tackling that problem, among many others, but in my case, I could never allow myself to fall into having idealized my driver function whlie in the army. Lack of action, and lack of interaction or lack fast reaction would be the death of someone. So at all times, there was a need of somewhat of a balance. I would not say that it was perfect, or even good, but it was good enough for the moment.
    Since then I had the time to straghten things up, and now I am in a good place.
    Even though I do think that the fact that I never got to the end of the pit might play against me one day, as I have no experience of getting out, but only the potential cockiness that might become an achilles heel of mine.

  • Leah
    • Leah
    • February 24, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    Your comments are spot on for me (fellow enfp)!

    In particular, the dampening down of Ne to stop looking crazy !

    I am in a great position at work at the moment in that I am relatively junior but have the ear of a network of people who want to see organisational change. The main issue that drives me is the disparities that I am feed from middle management – eg shut down comments like ‘the rules don’t allow this" when there are always shades of grey in any situation. I am now wanting to understand how to articulate my theories without causing the receivers to shut down. I have undertaken a couple of courses (at work and online) that delves into how to influence others. This has been helping in verbal communication. I find I am excellent at articulating my ideas in emails, PowerPoint presentations and reports, so I try to use these modalities more. If I am physically meeting with someone, I have found that if I put a project on a page and present it to the other person to ponder before I launch into my eager puppy conversation, it helps move things along :)

  • Karina G
    • Karina G
    • February 22, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Adding that Personlity Hacker put me as an ENFP—I’m comfortable with that, it’s true! I have and will continue to recommend Personality Hacker as well as your Podcast to my friends and family.

  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • February 22, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    I heard the video game “level up” chime in my head as I read this.


  • Karina G
    • Karina G
    • February 22, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    Hi Joel and Antonia, first let me thank you for all the work you put in to your podcast and research. It’s paying off because you have helped me. I’m going to make this short and sweet. About 5 years ago i started having major life problems with my relationships. I was married and have 4 children. All of my experiences with my situation back then had come to a crashing halt. I was unhappy and could not make sense of it. My ESFJ husband could, he said we had grown apart. I agreed and still do. Over the last 5 years i have re-invented myself, maintained close relationships with those most important to me and found a new career. That is all good in my eyes. What has been bothering me is why? Why was i so unhappy and why did i drop a nuclear bomb on my ex when it was time to, well move on and grow? I have to know! Are you filtering me down yet? I had always thought i was an ESFJ. Well, I’m not; i have been mistyped twice as an ENFJ. I knew in my heart for the last 8 months that i was not an ESFJ nor an ENFJ. Fast forward to your emails, videos and podcasts. Well, i have found myself and with the help of the Ennegram test, I can proudly say without hesitation that i am an ENFP, Eneg: 2w3. Here’s the part that i think is so positive about your work. Your podcast discussions, explanations are so A+ concise that it hit home. Everything you talk about strikes a cord and nerve in me like no other. I am so happy right now that i want to send you a rainbow and multiple hugs. Keep all your research coming. There are so many lost people in the world and self awareness and self actualization is highly needed now. I can’t imagine my life without understanding myself. I was living such a delusion. The image never met up with the happiness. It was like all perception but an emptiness inside. Thank you, you are needed and appreciated by many in my humble opinion. ?

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