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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with guest host Christian Rivera about using your 6th cognitive function in your stack to break a loop. This episode (Part 2) covers the INFP, INTP, ENFJ, and ENTJ personality types.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • The conversation continues with INTP guest host, Christian Rivera from DOPEamine.
  • Ways to understand cognitive functions and loops through Personality Hacker’s previous podcasts: Car Model podcast, Developing All 8 Functions, and Loops: what they look like for each personality type (part I here, part II here)
  • How using your 6th function helps you better develop your Auxiliary (Co-pilot) function.
  • The rewards of letting your Auxiliary function shine.
  • Breaking loops for INFPs, INTPs, ENFJs, and ENTJs.
  • The ways for INxPs to break a loop:
    • The markers that you are in a loop.
    • When your Introverted Sensing (Tertiary) takes over your Extraverted Intuition (Auxiliary).
    • How you get trapped in a state of stasis.
    • Christian’s experiences with looping as an INTP.
    • How using your Introverted Intuition (6th function) helps get your Extraverted Intuition back online.
    • Using active imagination to your advantage.
    • The purposeful exercise that livens up your Intuition.
  • How ENxJs can break a loop:
    • What a loop looks like for you.
    • The effects of Extraverted Sensing (Tertiary) taking over your Introverted Intuition (Auxiliary).
    • The thoughtless motion you can get into.
    • Getting your Extraverted Intuition (6th function) to slow you down.
    • The benefits of enjoying the playful aspects of Extraverted Intuition.
    • How brainstorming will kickstart your Intuition.

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  • Christian Rivera
    • Christian Rivera
    • December 22, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    I think we IN*Ps all have a challenge with getting out of our head and into motion to experience new ideas, environments and people. It’s so very easy to cancel out that excitement of exploration that using the 6th almost hijacks any canceling out that we do to ourselves. We fantasize about something we want and therefore it creates greater incentive to get moving. I’m glad the episode helped!

  • Christian Rivera
    • Christian Rivera
    • December 22, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    So glad you enjoyed it!

  • Karin
    • Karin
    • December 2, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Thank you for this insightful podcast. As an INFP I recognize the loop: trying to figure out what is normal and how to adapt. And especially the state of hopelessness that comes from having used all one’s imaginative resources to create a wonderful future vision and then realizing ( coming back to earth) that I do not know how to connect to people and the world in this way( that is without doing my homework on them). So I start again to try to find realistic possibities to latch onto instead of trusting my own future vision.
    This episode made me realise how hard it actually is to really take a break from the constant murmur ( is that a word in English?) that tells me: the world is not going to be nice to me, or to dreams in general. I can find endless variations of this concept , be creative in expressing that thought, and delude myself into thinking that I have been on an imaginative spree, but I have only repeated my fears.
    It is strange to think that extraverted intuition is not my driver or co-pilot, because anything with the word ‘in’ in it seems so much as me. What I got from this episode is that to use my sixth function is very much about trusting something new. It is funny that with Exploration in my personality description, I still need the guts to explore new territory. Thank you for pointing me in that direction!

  • Gwendolyn
    • Gwendolyn
    • November 24, 2020 at 8:20 am

    Very helpful practical hack.. now just finding two people who will do brainstorm sessions with me. I definitely gained some sight into my willingness to live without thought about what is going on behind the curtain and its cost.. Looking forward to getting better at seeing the rewards of being more balanced in this way. Thank you! Great podcast

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