Podcast – Episode 0349 – Developing All 8 Cognitive Functions For Growth

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about diving deeper into all 8 cognitive functions and posit a growth path for personal growth using your shadow functions.


In this podcast you’ll find:


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  • Debby

    In contrast to what was stated, I actually find that I tap into my 7th and 8th functions, while my 5th function is hard to grapple with. As an ISFJ, even while using my dominant Si, I weave in bits of Ni (my 8th function) – while reflecting on the past, I contemplate deeply and have “aha!” moments, which are associated with Si. Meanwhile, my 5th function, Se, is practically unused.

  • Brock

    What has been really interesting for me is being married to an INTJ as an ENTP. I am seeing a lot of this happening naturally for the both of us after being married for 13+ years.

    Ti growth for her and Te growth for me has definitely occurred just by us moving through life together. I am using more task management apps that make a game out of setting goals and steps to accomplishing projects because I have seen the benefit of my wife setting these long range personal goals that get her out of bed and make her passionate in researching and planning. She actually brings things to the world that people enjoy.

    I have had INTJ moments in my life more often just as she is having more ENTP moments in hers.

    We ordered Dario’s book and are really curious to see what he has updated since his last tome of knowledge in this field. Neuroscience of Personality.

    Thank you for another thought provoking and informative podcast.

  • Lisa

    As an INFP, I can see that my 5th function (Fe) is pretty easily integrated. It’s not my preferred way of using F, but I can do it when it serves the situation and I don’t have a strong aversion to it.

    But as for having an aversion to my 6th function (Ni), what does that even look like? Obviously as an introverted feeler dominant, I’m used to and skilled at going inside myself to contemplate…so how are some ways that resisting introverted intuition could show up?

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