Podcast – Episode 0305 – The Enneagram Prison Project Part 1 (With Susan Olesek)

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with the founder of the Enneagram Prison Project Susan Olesek about her work, passion, and mission to help people heal in one of the hardest places to do healing work.

In this podcast you’ll find:


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  • Grant

    Excellent project, this is a great example of the kind of reform we need in our society. Traumatised children end up in prison to be further punished and further broken It doesn’t get any easier when they leave prison to be further shamed with a criminal record that blocks employment and housing, and blocks being given an opportunity to be a functioning and accepted member of society. It is saddening we cannot catch the broken cycle so that the traumatised are suitably prepared to give their own kids a better chance.

    Enjoyed your TED talk too, and you reference some good works (ACE’s and the trauma work of Bessel van der Kolk). Curious how we get society to face up to its own shadow…as you say, both sides of the bars are responsible if we are to move forward constructively and compassionately. In the UK I think we would benefit from a healthier and more honest perspective about what criminalisation is (rather than see it bluntly as good people vs bad people).

  • Marjorie

    This is such an amazing initiative! I can’t wait for next week’s podcast to see the other interview. I hope this gets out more and she’s able to spread her prison coaching to other parts of the world.

    Thanks Joel And Antonia for sharing this awesome project with us!

  • James

    I’d like to see her do this work with veteran’s that are coming back from combat and need help dealing with PTSD and either commiting crimes, suicide, divorce, or homelessness.

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