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In this episode Joel & Antonia invite their friend Chelsea to join the podcast to talk about the mind body connection.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest Chelsea O’Brien uses the mind/body connection to understand eating disorders.
  • We have a tendency to see the body and mind as totally separate, i.e. the body is a vehicle for the mind or that they have totally different desires and needs.
  • When you see them in relationship, the question becomes – what thoughts are driving the body’s behaviors.
  • Is the brain always in control?
  • The mind and body come together when the body experiences feelings.
  • There are neurons in the stomach, meaning the body and mind have a much closer connection than we previous thought.
  • We can make connections between emotions and behaviors that program our brain to react to triggers in predictable ways.
  • “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”
  • Social expectations and pressure can cause us to feel shame around these issues that keep our minds more detached from our bodies and exacerbate the issue.
  • We can go on autopilot in our behaviors, so programming our mind (“GPS unit”) is important when dealing with addictions and disorders.
  • An understanding of the ‘Triune Brain Theory’ is helpful. The lizard brain, the mammalian brain and the neo-cortex.
  • We’re dealing with ‘ancient programming’.
  • Our lizard brain has a want. If we ignore it, it will only get more insistent.
  • The mammalian brain alternates between positive feelings of getting the need met, but shame when registering overconsumption.
  • Our neo-cortex thinks it’s in control, but it isn’t when the lizard brain has a need.
  • Being in touch with the body and fully experiencing sensations and feelings helps slow down reaction time and making more thoughtful decisions.

Exercises we recommend in this podcast:

  1. Notice/be aware when you have an urge to overindulge.
  2. Allow the urge to be there without reacting.
  3. Feel the urge completely until it plays out.
  4. Choose how to respond thoughtfully.


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  • Frederick

    Hi guys, i’m enjoying your podcasts.

    Could you please talk about “passion” in one of the future episodes? It looks like that everyone talks about “making money following your passions” and after reflecting about it for a long time i realized that i don’t know how define passion and how to think about passion.

    Is passion an emotion? A feeling? A state? An interest?

    What’s your definition of passion?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Antonia Dodge

      Hey, Frederick! That’s a fantastic topic. We’ll cover in the next podcast. 🙂



  • Leonie Feast-Jones

    Its so nice to have you talk about a tough subject for people to be able to see themselves in this, and own, and make it believable by talking about the Mind-Body connection to be able to work with. Awareness and knowledge, then having a solution to work it through for people in safety is wonderful. When people can listen to a conversation like this, that allows an understanding of why and how the Binge Eating happens is such a blessing. You have nailed it on all levels thank you all!

  • Dana

    This was great! I’ve already used the Notice-Allow-Feel-Choose idea – and not even in relation to food. I love having a tool for slowing down and thinking in a non-threatening & non-judgmental way about what I’m doing or about to do. I also love the quote, “What you resist persists.” So true!

    I’m slowly working my way through all the pocasts, and every time I listen I am thankful all over again that you guys are doing this! I feel like I’m getting to be part of conversations full of thought-provoking ideas with two really intelligent, fascinating friends. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Dan

    Very interesting stuff. I’m going to go have some ice cream now 🙂

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