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The John Beebe Eight-Function Model Of Personality (August 16th)

Until this year, Personality Hacker’s main focus for the 16 types was on the Car Model – the first 4 functions of each type. Born from a desire to truly understand the archetypal nature of our shadow functions and how they influence us, during 2021 Joel and Antonia undertook personal coaching from the distinguished Dr. John Beebe on his 8-function model. An early benefit they received was an in-depth understanding of how the model works. Listen in to this episode as they pay forward some of Dr. Beebe’s wisdom with their overview of his system.

Using Archetypes For Personal Growth (September 13th)

As they celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary and 400th podcast episode in the same week, Joel and Antonia spend this centenary episode reflecting on some key moments of their journey so far. Throughout the episode, they share the topics they’re focused on right now while hinting at what’s to come further down the road. A must-listen experience for any audience members who want to stay up-to-date with Personality Hacker’s story and join us on our continuing growth path.

Have a favorite episode that wasn’t mentioned or want to share your 2021 story?

As the year draws to a close, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast, and what’s been going on for you, in the comments below.

Thank you for joining us for this countdown, for being a part of the amazing Personality Hacker community, and for making all of this possible – we appreciate you.

Wishing you an amazing 2022.

You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas, but at Personality Hacker we have our own tradition. We love to mark the end of the year with a countdown of our 12 most popular podcasts – as decided by you, our audience.

In the wake of the events of 2020, we know 2021 has been yet another tough year for many. Perhaps reflecting the times, as you read through the list of episodes you may spot some of the recurring themes that have collectively resonated with our listeners.

By sharing this article, we hope that whatever your circumstances, and wherever you are on your journey, these episodes will bring you some comfort, insight, and inspiration as you reflect on the end of this year and look ahead to 2022.

Wrapping up 2021

2021 was a huge year for us, so we wanted to share our main highlights and milestones before moving onto the countdown:

  • In September we commemorated our 400th episode.
  • Our podcast reached over 11 million downloads.
  • We released three brand-new programs, created by Joel and Antonia together with their friends and contemporaries:
    • Enneagram Owners Manual – co-created for each of the 9 types with two eminent leaders in the field – Dr. Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes.
    • Jung On Yoga – our very first body-mind program, co-created with the prolific Dr. Dario Nardi, drawing from his depth of experience as both a yogi and student of Carl Jung. A special thanks to the participants who helped make the preceding trial workshop a success!
    • Couples Mapping – our newly launched relationship-transforming program – designed by Joel and Antonia.

The Top 12 Personality Hacker Podcasts of 2021

#12 Personalities Are Flexible Not Static (Jan 4th)

Starting the year out with a powerful subject matter, this episode from January was a popular one. We know all too well that Myers-Briggs® is often critiqued as a system which puts people in boxes and panders to stereotypes. In this episode, Joel and Antonia challenge that notion by positing type as a living, breathing system. Join them as they dive into what our cognitive functions really mean for us as individuals, and explore how we can develop healthy relationships with them.

#11 Integrating The Weak Side Of Your Cognitive Functions – Part 1 (June 14th)

Both parts of this series made it to the list, but Part 1 topped it for our audience members. If you’ve been with us for a while now, you know we always talk about how the cognitive functions work in terms of polarities. As a result, a recurring growth-related question you may have is “Can I develop my weaker functions using the Car Model for my type?”. Listen in to this episode, where Joel and Antonia walk through integrating each of the perceiving functions as they appear in the backseat positions while acknowledging their limitations with compassion.

#10 The Power Of Self Validation (April 19th)

Whether you’re naturally more internally or externally focused, self-validation is a powerful skill to learn but can be difficult to master in a healthy way. Clearly, #10 on our list struck a chord. Take a listen to hear Joel and Antonia unpack what it means to self validate while diving into what causes us to seek external validation in the first place. Hopefully, you’ll take away some new introspective tools.

#9 How To Use Your Romantic Relationship For Personal Growth (March 8th)

This is a subject close to our hearts – in fact, we created our Couples Mapping program with type and relationships in mind. In this episode, Joel and Antonia address both the philosophical questions and practical challenges many of us face in our relationships. Check out this episode if you want to learn how to approach your current or future romantic relationship through a personal-growth lens.

#8 Integrating The Weak Side Of Your Cognitive Functions – Part 2 (June 21st)

Riding on the coattails of the success of Part 1, Part 2 of this series is designed to give you tools to help integrate the weaker judging functions in your Car Model. Using the same format as Part 1, Joel and Antonia focus on addressing the internal and external identity and relationship challenges that are par for the course when it comes to our weaker judging functions.

#7 Are Feelers Really More Emotional Than Thinkers? (June 28th)

As the tongue-in-cheek title suggests, this episode plays on the age-old online debate between thinkers and feelers within the wider type community – so we’re not surprised it made the list. True to form, Joel and Antonia, use this question as a springboard to unpack some of the complex phenomena that cause people to ask this question. We hope you enjoy their intellectual yet compassionate take on the topic.

#6 Enneagram Instincts And Passions With Dr. Beatrice Chestnut – Part 2 (September 14th)

If you’re into the Enneagram but were unable to attend the Enneagram bonus day at our Profiler Training event in 2019, then this one’s for you. Journey with us back to Los Angeles 2019 and experience Beatrice’s wisdom live as she walks us through the Instincts, Vices, and Passions of each of the 9 types. Part 1 didn’t make the shortlist, but be sure to check it out to experience the magic of her talk in full.

#5 Overcoming The Fantasy Of Perfectionism (February 22nd)

As the title suggests we all probably know by now that perfectionism is a fantasy. But the question that surely follows is why do so many of us still judge ourselves by these impossible standards? If this struggle sounds familiar, with this episode making it into the top 5 of our 2021 countdown, you’re in good company. Join us to hear Joel and Antonia take a systems approach to dismantling the myth of perfectionism. Listen in as they share their personal experiences and advice on the topic along the way.

#4 4 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner’s Personality Type (February 1st)

Have you ever wondered what your partner’s dominant function needs out of your romantic relationship? Or how developing your Co-pilot can affect your relationship? Just missing the top 3 spots, in a moment of synchronicity, #4 on our list shares 4 ways to show love to your partner, based on each of the 4 passengers in the Car Model for their type. Join Joel and Antonia for this episode to find out why leveling up your relationship starts with you – and leave with some thoughtful ideas to get you started.

#3 ADHD And Myers-Briggs® Personality Types (January 25th)

Narrowly beating the previous episode into the top 3, we knew this one would be popular as it addresses a common question from our audience – is there any correlation between ADHD and Myers-Briggs® types? The results might just surprise you. We’re sure you’ll be listening intently, as Joel and Antonia slice the data several ways, examining the various sources and viewpoints on the topic, weaving in their own thoughts and ideas throughout.

#2 Communicating Through Relationship Conflict (February 15th)

If you’re looking for both a realistic and inspiring reframe on addressing relationship conflict, then you’ve come to the right place. Our second most popular episode of the year touches on several themes, subject areas, and tools for improving communication in your romantic relationship. From insightful questions to ask yourself or your partner, appreciating the effects of Love Languages, to in-the-moment tips you can use in the middle of an argument, we’re sure you’ll find something vital here.

#1 Navigating The 3 Stages Of Your Romantic Relationship (With Bruce Muzik) (February 8th)

Close in subject matter to #2, but the clear resounding winner with our listeners – #1 is this episode where Joel and Antonia glean further wisdom from returning guest host and relationship expert, Bruce Muzik. We all sense the changes and shifts our romantic relationships go through, but here Bruce charts the course out for us, showcasing both the beauty and growth opportunities to be found within each stage. Joel and Antonia help bring theory to life as they mirror their own relationship with the model in real-time. We hope you enjoy what has the potential to be a game-changer for your relationship.

Joel And Antonia’s 2021 Favorites

You’ve had our audience’s vote, but are you wondering which episodes topped the year for Joel and Antonia? Here are their 4 favorites, which capture some memorable moments from 2021:

How We Get Brainwashed To Become Sloppy Thinkers (November 15th)

Do you ever feel like we’re living in an increasingly polarized world where people are unable to hear each other’s viewpoints? Antonia’s brainchild and her personal favorite episode from the year provides some vital tools and perspectives for examining a whole spectrum of beliefs, thought patterns, and arguments – both within yourselves and others. Listen in to hear Joel and Antonia unpack a tried-and-true, but little used method for becoming a persuasive communicator, while sharpening your thinking and holding space with compassion during the process.

Personality Ethics – Brain Imaging And The Future Of Type (With Dr. Dario Nardi) (December 6th)

Have you ever found yourself wistfully daydreaming about being in a cozy setting, talking the afternoon away with like-minded members of the type community? Some of our Profiler Training students from our live event in November made that dream a reality. Now, Joel and Antonia invite you, the listener, to revel in the experience. Hosted by Joel and frequent podcast guest, collaborator, and pioneer within his field, Dr. Dario Nardi, you’ll be blown away by the insightful questions from our students and left with a deeper appreciation of Dario’s work.


  • Thomas J. Sodwith
    • Thomas J. Sodwith
    • January 3, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    I do many of the INFJ Personality type. Some of the INTP Personality type, as well as some of the INFP. PERSONALITY TYPE.
    However, I don’t do much scheduling. I can do spontaneous. I never seek approval. I always try to consider others needs, many times overlooking my own. I constantly lose track of time if I am focused on something that I find interesting. I love deep topics, and generally try to avoid small talk. I’ve forced myself to do it to kind of rewire my brain. This I felt was probably needed to help me make up for my approximately 20-30 years of being very isolated. Totally doing only small group activities & solo. Totally avoiding crowds, when possible, afterwards I would relax by going to a park where they had a lot of deer, I would watch them for hours. The bike ride to the park was about 5-6 miles round trip. Plus whatever mileage I added by riding around the park. I did that for years. I believe that all of the nature was good for my emotional health. The bike riding was certainly good for my physical health.

    I can now, seemingly naturally, talk to/with complete strangers. I could not do this for years. I had a hard time talking with anyone but close friends, and family. Being able to switch between large groups and small groups allows me to explain to both groups, if asked, what the other group is Feeling or Thinking. I feel like an Emotional as well as a Thought translator. It must be like the kind of feelings that both of you get in your podcast, quite challenging and fulfilling. Explaining the Thoughts and Feelings of another person/group. Many times teachers had told me that I should think about going into Psychology. I thought that they were kidding. They were probably right. .
  • Elyse
    • Elyse
    • January 2, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    Love this very helpful! I have listened to most of these! Looking back this has been a great year!

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